Changes to new vehicle tax disc rules

21st May 2013

Changes to new vehicle tax disc rules

It was confirmed in the Budget this year that, from July this year, a new vehicle may be driven for up to 14 days without a tax disc showing.

That is because tax discs for new vehicles will no longer be issued by the supplying dealer. Instead they will be supplied by the DVLA direct from Swansea.

The dealership registering the vehicle will be able to specify where the tax disc is sent – most likely, to the registered keeper or fleet company – and typically it will take several days to arrive. 

Stephen Latham of the National Franchised Dealers’ Association said many vehicle buyers believe that you cannot under any circumstances drive a car without the tax disc showing, and that the NFDA had persuaded the Driving Standards Agency to publish an information leaflet.  It will be made available through franchised dealers in advance of the July changeover deadline, explaining the new legislation.

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