Crack down on drug-driving

Currently, those convicted of drug-driving are handed a driving ban, prison sentence or fine by the courts, but aren’t required to complete rehabilitation courses before resuming driving – unlike drink-drivers.

In a call for evidence, government is asking whether drug-drivers should likewise have to undergo rehabilitation, helping better protect the public.

  • proposals require drug-drivers to undertake rehabilitation courses before being allowed back behind the wheel
  • reform would bring penalties for drug-driving in line with drink-driving
  • call for evidence to look at how medical cannabis impacts road safety

Drink-drive related deaths and injuries are now very rare on UK roads, with deaths having fallen 88% between 1979 and 2015. However, there has been an increase in drug-related driving offences, with over 12,000 convicted in 2019 and 44% committed by reoffenders.

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