Finance Products

At Mercedes-Benz we understand the complexities of running a modern-day business, but did you know you can get much more than just company vehicles from us, we offer a variety of finance agreements that can aid both you and your business.


Agility (Personal Contract Plan)

The vehicle is shown as an asset on the balance sheet and offers flexibility as the decision of whether you purchase, hand back or part-exchange the vehicle is deferred until the end of the agreement.

hire purchase

Hire Purchase

A straightforward route to ownership. It allows you to spread the overall cost for a fixed term. The vehicle is an asset on the balance sheet but without significant drain on working capital.

contract hire

Contract Hire

This gives the ability to enjoy driving a Mercedes-Benz without having to take on full ownership. With Contact Hire the vehicle is leased for a fixed period and for a fixed monthly rental, which includes the cost of the road fund licence.

finance lease

Finance Lease

The vehicle will appear as an asset on the balance sheet, without the option of ownership as the vehicle is hired for a fixed period.

operating lease

Operating Lease

A solution for those who want to drive one of our vehicles over a fixed term, with lower monthly rentals and without the worries or commitment of ownership.

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