National Highways Launches Online Community For Professional Drivers

As part of an ongoing commitment to deliver high-quality customer service for the freight industry, National Highways has recently created and launched an online community where professional drivers can interact.

The community has been created as both a website and mobile phone application, which can be accessed on the go, and is an online space where professional and trade information and share their views about the motorways and major roads located in England.

The community has been created to provide support to professional drivers who routinely travel up and down the UK. Those who join the community will be invited to participate in a wealth of research activities. There will be discussion forums, short surveys they can fill out, and other ways for information to be collected.

The information that will be collected as part of the community is considered to be very important. Professional drivers often have a lot of experience navigating the roads of England, and will be able to give valuable feedback that National Highways can use to make much-needed maintenance and change where necessary.

A lot of different topics are going to be covered within the community, as the aim is to gather as much information as possible from professional drivers and identify what they feel needs to change within the community, as well as what needs are not being met. This would include talking about things like new technology, the accessibility of the profession in relation to a wider audience, and the overall quality of roadside services and assistance.

Furthermore, professional drivers who participate in the community will also have the opportunity to create and lead discourses with other community members about some of the topics that they feel are quite important. The hope is that the resulting information will come directly from professional drivers, the representative of their opinions as a whole, and provide much-needed information.

For this reason, there are plenty of incentives that are being released all the time to try and encourage professional drivers to integrate into the community and provide feedback.

For example, members will be given access to a monthly prize draw, and members will be selected to participate in focus group lead activities, which will provide them with up to £40 in cash prizes in return for their cooperation.

Naturally, these changes and this planned community are very optimistic. The obvious expectation and hope is that a large number of professionals will participate and deliver valuable feedback which can be used to directly enhance the overall success of the community at large. It is nice to see that a direct mouthpiece is being created between the big authorities and professional drivers, as they will often have the most feedback to give when it comes to public roads and services.

Naturally, the expectation from the community is that this will generate some long-term changes that will be beneficial for professional drivers and everyday vehicle users.

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