Truck Stops Get £16.5M Improvement Investment

38 HGV rest areas across the UK will see an improvement as a £16.5M investment is made by a joint collaboration between the government and the industry. The end goal is simple - improve the rest facilities available to truck drivers.

A Significant Investment

The investment represents a big collaboration between government and industry figures. The Department for Transport has put up £6M, with the remaining £10.5M coming from industry. According to reports, the money will be used to create new parking spaces, as well as secure existing rest areas and improve welfare facilities all across the UK. Some planned upgrades include new restaurants, showers, secure fencing and better lighting.

It is also thought that the new measures will see the creation of 430 parking spaces designed to free up the amount of road used by trucks when drivers stop to rest.

A Multitude of Reactions

Understandably, the plan has generated more than a few reactions from key figures in a wealth of different positions.

Guy Opperman, the Roads Minister, had this to say:

“Our truck drivers are the backbone of a successful economy, ensuring food, goods and crucial medical supplies can get where they need to be, all over the country.

That’s why it’s only right we leave no stone unturned when it comes to supporting our truckdrivers as part of our plan to grow the economy, and today’s £16.5m in joint government and industry funding will provide them with the safe, spacious and modern facilities they deserve.”

Declan Pang is the Director of policy and public affairs at the Road Haulage Association (RHA), and had this to offer:

“We are delighted to see the Government’s match funded grant scheme being awarded to projects which will make a tangible difference to the experiences of truck drivers and provide much needed additional parking capacity to address the well-known shortage of spaces.

We are pleased to see facilities operators contribute funding and commit to improving security and conditions at the sites they operate. We look forward to seeing the positive impact the funding will have across the range of projects.”

Other Projects

Other companies are already working to improve truck stops around the country. For example, Ron Perry and Son are putting more than £2M into a HGV parking area in the Hartlepool area, with matching funding offered by the Department of Transport.

Ron Perry, who is the managing director of Ron Perry and Son, had this to comment:

“Our commitment to this project is twofold: addressing immediate shortages and laying the groundwork for future growth.

By enhancing security, adding capacity, and prioritising driver welfare, we're setting new standards in the industry. Our strategic location near regional economic centres underscores our role in supporting regional transport and haulage networks.

We're thrilled about this investment that will enable us to support major developments around Teesworks, the Freeport, and the new Amazon warehouse in Wynyard. Our expanded HGV parking facilities will play a crucial role in supporting these economic hubs. With the growing demand for logistics services, it's essential to address the shortage of secure overnight parking spaces for heavy goods vehicles.