Logistics UK Say HGV Drivers Need Better Treatment

Following a national parking survey, Logistics UK has spoken out in defence of HGV drivers, demanding that they have access to better facilities when it comes to hygiene and resting during long haul drives.
Department for Transport Survey
The survey was carried out on behalf of the Department of Transport and highlighted. I just think shortage of safe commercial vehicle overnight parking. Demand frequently outstrips supply, and capacity is exceeded for 11 out of 12 months in a year. The National Survey of HGV Parking was carried out in 2022, and the results have only just been released. This has led to Logistics UK speaking out. Spokesperson Jonathan Walker, who is the Head of Cities and Infrastructure for the company, said they are looking for urgent and immediate reforms to the way the planning system works in order to get more parking provision set up on key roots as well as generate revenue by incentivising private-sector investment.
Safe, Clean and Secure
Mr Walker went on to explain that the results of the survey only really demonstrate what HGV drivers already know and demonstrate exactly how urgent and desperate the need is for better safe, clean and secure facilities for drivers of these vehicles. This is an ongoing issue, and the government has been partitioned many times to try and bring about a resolution. He went on to say that it was unfair that drivers do not have basic human needs taken care of, including usable facilities for their mandatory rests. He said most of the sectors are able to take this for granted, and HGV drivers must be provided with the same luxury. It’s also important that when a driver turns up to park for the night, there is actually space for them. He also spoke of driver retention and attracting new workers saying that these issues are likely to put a lot of people off, a fact he can completely understand.
He went on to say, “In 2022, an additional £ 20 million in funding was announced to boost HGV driver facilities, but as highlighted by this report, the benefits of this have not yet been fully felt. Lorry drivers are required by law to take regular rest periods, including overnight-mandated rest breaks, and it is unacceptable to expect them to sleep in unprotected and often unsafe locations. Urgent reform to the planning system is vital for the provision of more parking facilities on key routes and private sector investment. The government and private sector must work collaboratively to take urgent action on this issue to protect the workforce which drives all areas of the UK’s economy – we stand ready to help them deliver what our industry has been demanding for so long.”