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More Choice - 38 Variants in total

With the introduction of the Next Generation eCanter FUSO offers an extensive eTruck range, electrifying almost the entire conventional Canter product portfolio.

In total the 38 variants are made up of 3 weight classes, 6 wheelbases, 2 cab types and 3 battery pack options. This means that the Next Generation eCanter can not only accommodate a wide range of bodies, but also has a suitable ready to-go configuration for almost all our customer requirements.


FUSO has equipped the Next Generation eCanter with different battery pack options. The S battery pack offers a range of up to 70 km per charge. The M pack allows up to 140 km per charge and the L pack up to 200 km*/**.

Charge everywhere. AC and DC Capable 

Unlike other electric trucks, the next generation eCanter is also compatible with the more cost effective AC charging technology (alternating current) and does not necessarily require a more cost intensive DC charging station (high performance charging) . The charging power for AC charging 11KW (S battery) and 22 KW (M and L battery) respectively. 

New design, optics and functions 

The fact that the next generation eCanter is a state of the art electric vehicle is also reflected in its design and equipment. In addition to its characteristic cab design, it can be recognised by the standard LED lighting at the front and rear, amongst other things. In the interior, a new, fully digital IPS instrument cluster offers the driver many functional display options of specific information such as battery charge level or the recuperation level, in addition to a modern look. 


FUSO offers the Next Generation eCanter with flatbed and tipper factory bodies which are optionally equipped with mechanical power take-offs that easily supply accessories such as cooling compressors.

Together with its customers, FUSO has gained valuable experience in eMobility with the first eCanter over the past five years. Some of the most important and largest logistics companies in Europe placed their trust in FUSO from the very beginning and have since relied on the locally emission-free, fully electric light duty truck for city deliveries on a daily basis. The eCanter has already been successfully launched in 13 European markets.


Now, FUSO has taken the next step on the road to zero-emission driving and making eMobility possible for all customers and applications; the Next Generation eCanter is available to order now from your preferred FUSO dealer.

The extensive portfolio covers almost all individual applications and offers a wide range of body options. The Next Generation eCanter represents the ideal electric alternative for transport and services in the city and urban areas.

  • Fuso eMobility. A poineer from 2010 - In twelve years of continuous development work, FUSO turned its vision of emission-free driving into reality. The technically fully functional and road-ready Canter E-Cell prototype in 2010 was just the beginning. This was followed in 2016 by the presentation of the first eCanter. As the first fully electrically powered truck ever, it went into small series production in 2017 and has been in use with various fleet customers since 2018
  • Experience in eMobility. Fuso makes eReliable - This world's first eTruck fleet in practical use has already covered over 5 million electrically driven kilometres - locally emission-free, whisper-quiet and reliable. So reliable, in fact, that in 2020 FUSO received the largest electric truck fleet order in Daimler Truck's history from its customer and practical test partner DB Schenker.
  • Securing the future. Fuso makes transport emission free - The FUSO Next Generation eCanter makes an important contribution to making transport climate neutral. More and more countries are setting climate targets and introducing regulations to reduce CO2 emissions, which are the cause of global warming. As a brand of Daimler Truck AG, FUSO aims for all its new vehicles to be ``tank-to-wheel`` CO2 neutral by 2039 at the latest.
  • Sustainability goals. Fuso can support your business - Many of FUSO's large and international customers have also already set themselves ambitious and far-reaching climate protection goals, regardless of legislation and regulations, and are already working intensively on changing the transport sector in a sustainable way in the literal sense in all areas. FUSO supports them in this.
  • Fuso makes eMobility easy - FUSO knows its customers very well and is therefore well aware of the challenges that the ``zero emissions`` slogan means for them. With the introduction of the Next Generation eCanter, FUSO is therefore also taking on the task of advising and informing its customers in the best possible way in order to make eMobility even more practical and even easier for them.
  • Fuso makes eMobility attractive - Actively combating the global climate crisis is the best argument, but there are even more good reasons for the Next Generation eCanter. Restrictions on diesel vehicles, as they already apply in many European metropolises, do not affect it. On the contrary, customers who opt for the all-electric light duty truck can, depending on the respective country, benefit from tax breaks for electric vehicles and subsidy programmes for their purchase. At the same time, the network for public charging infrastructure is continuously growing and the efficiency and range of the vehicles are steadily increasing, while the costs for battery technology are decreasing.

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