Thanks to the innovative third generation OM 471 engine, Actros and Arocs offer drivers an unprecedented driving experience – and everyone benefits.


Saving is good. With the new third generation OM 471 engine, trucks in the Actros and Arocs model series now have a significantly enhanced drive. Fuel consumption is up to 4% lower.

Emission control.

With fuel consumption reduced, CO₂ emissions are down too. A newly developed and integrated exhaust control system delivers the ideal compromise between efficient combustion and AdBlue consumption.


Two further-developed turbochargers are used, optimally matched to the respective application. The turbochargers are developed and produced in-house and further increase use efficiency, making the new 3rd generation turbocharger developed for the lower and medium output stages of the OM 471 engine even more fuel-efficient. A performance-optimised variant is now available for the upper output stages and for all output stages of this engine for the Arocs, with a focus on off-road use. These engines also benefit from the fuel-saving measures in the series.


Combined with efficient oil pressure regulation using low-viscosity oil, the fuel and water pumps can reduce friction loss. This enables the internal engine adjustments in conjunction with the optimised turbochargers and an emphasis on more efficient combustion to deliver reductions in fuel consumption.



With improved torque build-up at low rev speeds, start-up is smoother than ever and PowerShift Advanced simplifies starting and gear shifting behaviour: shifting times are up to 40% faster in the upper gears, thereby reducing torque disruption. 


When it comes to manoeuvring, trucks often present drivers with unexpected challenges. Manoeuvring is now more comfortable with the help of a more progressive feel in the lower pedal travel (i.e. from a pedal position at rest to pushed down halfway). The direct response in the upper pedal travel (pushed down halfway to full throttle) provides a more dynamic response when starting off. It also makes it easier to drive through roundabouts and accelerate out of them with confidence.

Top Torque.

More power at the touch of a button: Top Torque releases an additional 200 Nm from seventh gear in A-Standard/A-Power drive modes. This makes it easy to perform better on hills and when accelerating. The extended Top Torque is available for the 330 kW (449 hp) and 350 kW (476 hp) engine power ratings and the G281 transmission.


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