Welsh Conservatives Advocate for Road Freight Industry Support in Senedd Motion

The Road Haulage Association (RHA) expresses its happiness and delight with the initiative taken by the Welsh Conservatives to present a Senedd motion acknowledging the indispensable role played by road freight and logistics in contributing to the Welsh economy in a new motion.

To Be Discussed in the Senedd

This motion highlights the significance of the road freight industry and its contribution to sustaining daily life.

Martin Reid, the RHA Policy Director for Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, agrees with the importance of the motion, emphasising the vital role truck drivers play in ensuring a continuous supply of goods for daily consumption. Acknowledging the essential needs of drivers, he stresses just how important it is that they have adequate facilities such as rest areas, dining spaces, showers, and toilets to enhance their overall well-being during their journeys.

The RHA believes supporting this motion is a major step toward comprehensive, long-term strategic planning for the road freight sector. The association commits to collaborating with members from all political parties in the Senedd and the Welsh Government to address this critical issue effectively.

The motion slated for debate outlines several key points:

  • Recognition of Road Freight's Role: The motion urges the Senedd to formally recognise the pivotal role played by road freight and the logistics industry in sustaining the Welsh economy.
  • Regret Over Lacking Strategy: Expressing regret, the motion notes the absence of a specific road freight transport strategy from the Welsh Government since 2008.
  • Call for a Comprehensive Strategy: The motion calls upon the Welsh Government to formulate and publish a dedicated road freight transport strategy. This strategy is expected to encompass various crucial elements.
  • Wellbeing Centres for Drivers: Advocating for the establishment of safe and secure wellbeing centres for lorry and coach drivers across Wales, addressing their needs for essential amenities while on the road.
  • Charging and Refuelling Infrastructure: The motion proposes the creation of an extensive network of charging and refuelling points tailored for electric or hydrogen-powered Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) and coaches. This aligns with the ongoing transition towards sustainable and eco-friendly transportation solutions.
  • Efficient Planning System Changes: Recognising the importance of efficient infrastructure development, the motion calls for changes to the planning system in Wales. The objective is to streamline the delivery of road freight infrastructure projects, ensuring their timely and effective implementation.

In addition to the Senedd motion, the RHA recently organised its inaugural Senedd Reception. This event was designed to bring about interaction and chat between haulage and coach members, politicians, stakeholders, and senior civil servants. Members had the opportunity to engage with government representatives and decision-makers, advocating for continued investments in road development and infrastructure.

The Welsh Conservatives' proactive stance in initiating this motion reflects a commitment to addressing the challenges and opportunities within the road freight industry, contributing to its sustainable growth and overall positive impact on the Welsh economy.