The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Panel Van | In stock at Euro Commercials, ready to go and available to purchase remotely.

The most adaptable large van on the market.

Take your business to the next level with Euro Commercials, with the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Panel Van. With its enhanced cabin environment and the highest standard specification of any large van, the Sprinter is better, safer, and more versatile than ever.

Plus, every Sprinter is powered by Mercedes PRO connect – real-time vehicle monitoring software that intelligently connects drivers and businesses to raise efficiency, increase security and improve safety. No other manufacturer or software provider gives you greater visibility of your Mercedes-Benz fleet, for free for 3 years.

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What Makes the New Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Better

Sprinter Panel Van touchscreen infotainment


Our integrated touchscreen infotainment system debuts in the new Sprinter and features MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience), which has the ability to learn driver preferences thanks to artificial intelligence.

​Offering a wealth of features via a high resolution 7-inch touchscreen, the infotainment system includes DAB radio, Bluetooth connectivity, and navigation with optional LINGUATRONIC ‘Hey Mercedes’ voice control and What3words – our geocoded map system.​

Sprinter Panel Van steerig wheel
Sprinter Panel Van cruise control

Multifunctional and adjustable steering wheel

The Sprinter’s multifunction steering wheel brings together all the controls, all in one place, for a streamlined cabin and safe operation while driving. The steering wheel is also fully adjustable so that anyone can achieve an optimised and comfortable driving position.

Cruise control

Cruise control comes as standard in the new Sprinter and includes a handy speed limiter function. The system is operated via a lever that’s ergonomically positioned on the left of the steering column for convenience and ease of use.

Sprinter Panel Van storage
Sprinter Panel Van dual practise seat

Storage solutions

The Sprinter’s stowage shelf above the driver offers additional space for keeping important papers, documents and other small items, neatly arranged and ready to hand – ensuring the interior remains a pleasant place to be.

Dual practical seat

Offering the perfect balance between everyday functionality and high quality comfort, the Sprinter’s dual practical seats can be electrically adjusted to individual comfort. What’s more, there’s a handy stowage space beneath the seats for storing any items that you need to keep close at hand.

Sprinter Panel Van radio
Sprinter Panel Van ECO stop/start

Infotainment screen with DAB Radio and Apple CarPlay/ Android Auto

The Sprinter’s integrated infotainment system includes Apple CarPlay/Android Auto†, a DAB radio and Wi-Fi hotspot – all delivered via a high resolution 7-inch touchscreen. It also includes a USB-C and Bluetooth interface for enhanced connectivity.

Can be activated for free as part of Mercedes PRO connect.

ECO Stop/Start

ECO start/stop functionality comes as standard and is linked to the Sprinter’s standard trip computer, which shows fuel consumption, distance, range and average speed at a glance.

The engine goes off when the vehicle is stationary and back on again when the brake is released – operating virtually unnoticed by the driver to ensure efficiency, comfort and safety.

Optional equipment highlights

Sprinter Panel Van climate control
Sprinter Panel Van parking packages

THERMOTRONIC automatic climate control

The optional THERMOTRONIC automatic climate control system automatically ensures a constant feel-good climate in the cab, even in direct sunlight or in very high or very low outside temperatures. The temperature, ventilation intensity and air distribution are regulated via sensors according to your pre-settings and continuously adapt to the current conditions. The integral air dehumidification offers reliable protection against window misting. And an integral particulate filter helps to block out pollen and dust.

Parking packages

Parking package with 360-degree camera

This package provides comprehensive support when parking and manoeuvring to help improve your safety and comfort. See everything around you clearly with the 360-degree camera, and benefit from electrically foldable and heated exterior mirrors too.

Parking package with reversing camera

The parking package with reversing camera and integrated Parking Assist provides a clear view to the rear of the vehicle, helping to enhance safety and comfort when parking and manoeuvring.​

Sprinter Panel Van distronic
Sprinter Panel Van wiper


Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC allows you to set and keep a safe distance from the vehicle ahead – so if it speeds up or slows down, your Sprinter will automatically adapt accordingly. This feature is particularly helpful on motorways or while in stop-start traffic.


The optional WET WIPER SYSTEM windscreen wiper cleans the window without the splash of water that usually briefly disrupts the driver's field of view. The system emits clean water directly from the wipers themselves. 

Sprinter Panel Van heated windscreen
Sprinter Panel Van phone charging

Heated windscreen

With the Sprinter’s heated windscreen option, you can overcome the effects of bad weather quicker. The glass heats up electrically and defrosts or melts snow and ice away without the hassle of having to clear it yourself.

Wireless charging tray

The upper tray in the middle of the centre console can be upgraded to provide a wireless charging system for your smartphone – enabling you to keep your battery topped up with ease while on the move.

Vehicle Monitoring software included as standard

The digital evolution of the van is here. Raise efficiency, improve safety, maximise security and reduce costs with Mercedes PRO connect, the world's most intelligent, free* integrated vehicle monitoring software designed to keep businesses moving.

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